The Tools

Personality Package™: Creating a Climate of Respect, Rapport, and Relationship

Workshop Description:
The Personality Package is a 5-step process to identify the characteristics, traits, and dispositions that drive how individuals interact and engage with others.  Participants will engage in various scenarios, role plays and deep discussions designed to demonstrate how their Personality Package™ may impact and influence the virtually any workplace climate and culture. The Personality Package™ is the foundation to the strategies introduced in the presenters’ book, “Success Favors Well-Prepared Teachers: Classroom Management Routines and Relationships.”

Specifically, the role plays and scenarios will focus on the following:

  1. Developing and sustaining authentic relationships with others (including students, colleagues, young people, supervisors, etc) to support social and emotional competencies within the culture and beyond.
  2. Creating a climate to support the respect of people, property, and person-hood.

Relationship Management System (RMS) Part 1 and 2

Workshop Description:
This system introduces strategies, techniques, and approaches also featured in the presenters’ book, “Success Favors Well-Prepared Teachers: Classroom Management Routines and Relationships.” Each strategy, technique and approach supports creating routines, procedures, and positive interactions with students, colleagues, other school personnel, and parents. The strategies are research-supported and have been implemented in large and small, urban to rural districts. The presentation will be delivered through interactive role-plays that deepen participants’ knowledge and effective implementation of the strategies. The first part of the training will comprise of Monitor 2 Modify and Relationship Management Pathways. The second part of the workshop will include D.E.P.T.H. Anchor and P.R.P.L.E. Sandwich.

The complete series comes with the book, “Success Favors Well-Prepared Teachers: Developing Routines & Relationship to Improve School Culture.”

Cultural Humility & Diversity Series ( 4 hours)

Cultural Humility & Civility: Beyond Cultural Competence (2 hours)

This presentation will bring into focus how we think about, and engage in, civility and cultural humility that moves beyond cultural awareness. We will explore the nuances of culture and engage participants in a work-lab. The session, including the work-lab, is designed to:

  • develop a strategic action plan to effectively engage in difficult conversations
  • define civility for various context and settings
  • understand the conflict and discussion styles that contribute to genuine interactions
  • understand the complexities that shape how we build relationships with those of similar and dissimilar cultural identities.  

Humility, Equity, & Inclusion (2 hours)

This presentation builds on the civility and cultural humility training by engaging various discourse communities. Participants are sure to benefit from this work-lab by:

  • taking action to influence behaviors toward creating a more inclusive environment—an environment where everyone’s humanity is respected and valued even when there are divergent thoughts.
  • evaluating the strategic action plans created from the first session and develop additional goals and objectives to further influence change.

Each session can also be a stand-alone session that intersects humility, equity, and inclusion to support moving diversity and inclusion initiatives to action.

If interested in this series or specific workshops listed, please contact us at: 501-310-1719 or