~Where Are We~

〉〉〉〉〉   Creating An Inclusive Company

THUR NOV 15`18    12-130pm


Here’s a FREE workshop for any business owner looking to discover the benefits and upside to owning an inclusive company.  We’ll reveal strategies to identify just how inclusive your business practices are currently, along with methods of creating revenue streams with diverse cultures.  And so much more during the Global Entrepreneurship Week sponsored by the AR Conductor.   

  • By the way, click here for the podcast of Todd Parker, CEO of Parker Ed, talking about building upon the ABC’s of citizenship and civility of just about any culture. 

〉〉〉〉〉   International Conference on Urban Education

WED_NOV 7 — SAT_NOV 10`18  


Can one actually get something accomplished and be productive while basking in the glow of the Bahamian culture???  Well, we’re certainly make our valiant attempt during this annual conference for urban educators from around the globe.  Guaranteed to make some meaningful connections.  CAN. NOT. WAIT!!