What We Do

Parker Education & Development, LLC provides sustainable professional staff development and coaching services to schools and businesses. We are known for our brand of Edu-tainment by delivering dynamic, innovative, theatrical role-plays to our work-labs and training sessions. We specialize in personality mining which includes assisting participants “mine” to the source of implementing strategies for personal and professional growth….with fidelity and genuineness. Some of our flagship products — Personality Package, Cultural Humility & Civility Training — ensure participants can apply what they learn in a real context.

How it Works

Our services are specialized and customized to the needs of our clients. We are careful to ensure that we are offering clients exactly what they need to increase productivity. Generally, we follow three primary steps to “Get Started.”

  • Needs Assessment—Parker Ed representatives will schedule a meeting to interview key organization personnel. This might also include a survey to gather data.
  • Customized Proposal—A proposal is developed based on the analysis of the data collected from the needs assessment.
  • Strategic Implementation Plan—Parker Ed representatives will work with the client to make informed decisions about how and when to begin the work.

This “getting started” process, generally, is a short process. Our ultimate goal is to build partnerships with clients to ensure the client is satisfied with our work and we provide the coaching and professional development services to positively impact the client’s bottom line.

If interested in this series or specific workshops listed, please contact us at: 501 310 1719 or parkereducator@gmail.com.