Who We Are

As an Executive Coach and CEO of Parker Education & Development, LLC, Todd Scott Parker distinguishes himself through his ability to deliver coaching and training in a dynamic way to various educational and business audiences. His work is both unique and creative. He blends evidenced-based strategies, techniques, and methods from education and business to help schools, small businesses, and other organizations to create sustainable models of success.

Todd is a dynamic keynote speaker and poet. He is the co-author of, Success Favors Well-Prepared Teachers: Developing Relationships and Routines to Improve School Culture. He created Kuu-Bro, an initiative for young men and boys to find their natural leadership abilities. He also developed a peer-to-peer mentoring program— A Better Citizen (ABC) which has received local and national attention.  His Personality Package™- a strength- based assessment process has been used with countless professionals to source the behaviors that will enhance interactions and engagement with others.

Dr. Candice Dowd Barnes is an Executive Coach and Chief Operations Officer for Parker Education & Development, LLC. She is a prominent speaker and accomplished author of multiple publications. She is the co-author of Civility, Compassion and Courage in Schools Today: Strategies for Implementing in K-12 Classrooms and Success Favors Well-prepared Adults: Developing Routines and Relationships to Improve School Culture.

Her work is a unique blend of evidence-based practices, research, and solution-focused approaches for schools and businesses. Her work on civility led to the development of the Cultural Civility training program, also known as the 3C’s. The program combines courage, compassion, and civility with cultural humility to guide one’s actions and behaviors toward the greater good.

Together Todd and Candice have a combined thirty plus years in school, non-profit, and higher education leadership. They are affectionately known as Grace and Boom by their Education X Show followers.  As a duo, they will set a room afire, and individually; they blaze trails.

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Who We Partner With

Amber Booth McCoy
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Inclusive Strategist. Social-Conduit. Cultural-Agitator.

Amber is a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of rock n roll, with the passion of Malcolm X and the poise of Michelle O.; specializing in diversity, working towards inclusion, and ever fighting for equity.

Equity Advocate.  Co-Liberator. System Changer.

Donald is a pragmatic idealist who is as much a truth-seeker as he is truth-teller; amplifying the voices of the unheard; disrupting a status quo that is unjust, and building individuals’ capacity to lead inclusively.

donald wood
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