Welcome to your friendly neighborhood climate and culture specialists, Parker Education & Development.  Affectionately known as Parker Ed from all of our well wishers and partners, we can help virtually any workplace culture make the necessary S.H.I.F.T.S. to shore up that culture’s identity, support the member’s freedoms to express their talent and develop a genuine message for all to own.  We possess the toolkit and skill set to coach the leaders of your school, small business and even faith-based cultures. When workplace climate change happens, and it shall, our strategies allow the culture to respond in a more productive manner.  It’s proven that members of any culture are more vested when the foundations of that culture, really speaks to their senses.  Owners to leaders to middle management are all in search of that synergy that keeps on getting IT done. Sure, it may sound easy to pull off and even possible to put to paper.  But we’ve all been in a workplace that just lacked genuine stimulation.

Well, now you have your solution starters in Parker Education & Development.

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